Security is not just about technology, it is also about people, processes and procedures. All of which are ways to help protect against security breaches.

Smart Business IT provide simple but effective solutions to SME’s to assist with their information security.

Working closely with SME’s and listening to what they need is core to our approach. We take the time to understand how our clients businesses operate and perform, enabling us to develop strategy and structure to mitigate security risk. Enabling our clients to keep themselves, their company’s assets and their employees secure.

Smart Business IT deliver jargon free security guidance and consultancy. We are able to be an effective bridge between our clients businesses and the fast moving, often confusing world of IT Security. Our approach ensures that our clients that don’t have the expertise to keep on top of IT Security can rely on Smart Business IT to be a trusted advisor for their business.

Having 18 years experience in IT and 10 years specifically in the Security field, Smart Business IT are here to listen to your requirements and find solutions to protect your business that are cost efficient  and effective.

There are many areas of our client’s businesses where we can add value through guidance, advice, know how and expertise. Typically people think of IT Security as technical hardware and software systems only, which are of course a key part of any IT considerations but it also important to develop a security strategy that incorporates key elements regarding policy, process, people and procedure as well as kit and systems. At Smart Business IT we work with our clients to ensure they have the appropriate measures in place to protect their business, their employees and their business data.

May 25th 2018 GDPR comes into place and includes provisions that promote accountability and governance.

To demonstrate that you comply with the accountability principle you will need to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures. These may include internal data protection policies such as staff training, internal audits of processing activities and reviews of internal HR policies.

Procedures are incredibly important for compliance with GDPR.  You will require procedures to:

* Ensure you are able to determine where you may be required to restrict the processing of personal data.

* Enable customers to access the personal data input into the profiles so they can review and edit for any accuracy issues.

* Address areas such as retention, security and data sharing.

* Ensure you have a robust breach detection, investigation and internal reporting procedures in place.

To use GDPR again as an example in the instance of a data breach you will need documented process to access the likely risk to individuals as a result of the breach.  A process to notify ICO of the breach within 72 hours of becoming aware of it, even if you do not have all the details at that time.  A process to inform affected individuals about a breach when it is likely to result in a high risk to their rights and freedoms.  And in any event, you should document your decision-making process in line with the requirements of the accountability principle.


Whilst IT Security can be complex, it doesn’t need to be over complicated with jargon and confusing tech speak. We believe in delivering a service to clients that delivers tangible value by addressing business needs without blinding clients with science.

Security Diagnostic

Designed to identify vulnerabilities

Identifying Vulnerabilities

Our Security Diagnostic Services are designed to identify vulnerable elements within your systems and enable insight into areas for improvement..

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Security Strategy

A strategic approach to developing a road map for security improvement

Design and Structure

Our Security Strategy service is designed to provide a blueprint for improving IT Security, individually tailored to your business.

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Delivering tailored services to address IT Security requirements

Optimisation & Configuration

We tailor our services to suit your specific requirements, we take the time to address your individual requirements and deliver what your business needs.

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Of cyber attacks affect companies with less than 100 employees
Of small businesses think they are too small to be hacked
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