We are here to help.

We would like to put security best practices in place to prevent you and your business going through the head ache and pain of a cyber attack or incident.

Step one is to listen to your business.

Step two is to perform an assesment/audit to identify any vulnerabilities.

Step three is to create a report of above assesments and recomment soluitons.

Once the above have been implemented then we look at policies and procedures to help protect your business.

Then there is the option of ongoing support to help protect your business and it progresses.

Have you done everything in your budget and power to protect your business.

Do your clients know that their information is protected.

Consequences of inadequate security can have a damaging effect on your business operations and reputation.

Do you know what data you are storing?

Do you need to store all of the data

Do you know where you store all of your data?

These are things that you need to identify for your business

We listen to what you business is, what your are business needs regaurding technology.

We then provide solutions to help protect your business whilst performing all the above.

Smart Business IT want to know all about you and your company so that they can advise on the security you require to still perform your duties as a business.